Popped into Coach today and got this... plus some Carly info...

  1. I went into coach today to check out the new stuff and I came out with [​IMG]

    It's so cute!!

    I was asking about the Carly top handle pouch in the khaki/berry and she said that it was listed but none were available to order :tdown: but then she said a khaki/platinum was listed!!!!! She said there may be larger ones coming in this color!

    I wonder what they will look like!!! :graucho:
  2. I've got the khaki/platinum on order. It should be shipping any time now.:woohoo:
    I love your scarf, so cute for V day!
  3. did the khaki/berry top handle pouch just sell out?? they said there was like 70 when i called for it and ordered mine.
  4. anyone have some pics of the khaki/platinum carly?? Ive never seen it before

  5. Man... If there are some I'm gonna be pissed! Well, not really but I wanted to order one today.. I guess I should call JAX myself.
  6. try to call them rite now they are open 24 hours.. they can ateleast tell you
  7. oh my!!! khaki/platinum!!! ekk! I wonder how it looks!

    fluffy614, did you see what the khaki/platinum looked like before ordering?
  8. I am going to order it sight unseen today. I love platinum
    and I know I will love this!
  9. No , I didn't see it, I was on with JAX ordering a key fob and got chatting with the girl taking my order. I told her Carly was my all time favorite bag and she said let me see what's coming new in that bag. So when she said "platinum" I said OK, order that too!
    I'll post pics for you when it arrives!
  10. Go for it Liz! I did !:yahoo: My magenta duffle didn't work out and I give up on that bag!
  11. I have that scarf on my bag right now! So cute for Valentines Day.
  12. :sad: Darn, I'm disappointed. I know Platinum is not for me. I wish they would give me some Carly color. I'm dying to buy one of these!
  13. I've seen some accessories on the Japan site that are probably khaki/platinum. Tara- did she say they would have other sizes besides the top handle?
  14. I'd call JAX myself if I were you and find out. When I called about it there were 20 then I posted that information here. I can't imagine more than 20 people ordered it unless tons of lurkers ordered it too. And if that was inaccurate and there was 70, then that makes even less sense.
  15. what exactly is the platinum??? Is it a metallic white like the new Bridget? Just curious!;)