Popincuort Haut and Batignolles

  1. I'm wondering if the straps fit nicely on your shoulder? I'm not a small girl so I'm afraid it wont fit, I'm 5'5" and about 160 pounds. I'm also thinking those two bags might be too big for everyday run to the store or grab lunch with some friends type of outting. I only have big bags... :sad: Any suggestions? TIA!
  2. popincourt haut is really nice size for everyday use if you don't want to carry tons of stuff. BH is more like a big purse style. I love them both!
  3. Get the PH. It's a great bag, I'm 5'3" and it's the perfect size for me.
  4. like ph because of its zipped top, i have a bh and its my "travel" bag because i dont use big bags much and its roomy, i find the handles quite long tho but i'm short so i think they'll be quite comfortable for you. the BH is very popular here!
  5. my vote goes for ph - it's classy, the zipper makes me feel more secure and it fits a decent amount of stuff. Best thing to do would be to try it on - and I think the PH looks good on any body shape, so you could totally rock it, girl!
  6. PH is very cute, has longer straps and is not too huge to run errands with.
  7. Thanks for all your suggestions!!! I was actually talking about the bagtinolles, not the horizontal..just the regular smaller size one. I like the little balls in the PH lols
  8. I love my BV. :love: The flat handles are very comfortable and they have nice drop length. I looked at the Popincourt Haut, but I wanted something that didn't have a zipper on top.

    I have found that although LV describes its bags as "carried on the shoulder" and "hand-held" my shoulder wasn't small enough for the Neverfull PM -- the straps were too small to carry on the shoulder, even though LV lists the bag as "carried on the shoulder". I exchanged it for the BV and it was a HUGE difference!
  9. I have the BH, BV and PH and my favourite of the 3 is the PH, definitely perfect as an every day bag.

    I just picked up the Neverfull as well.. have you thought about this piece as well ?