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Feb 20, 2006
poppincourt said:
i actually have this bag. Its a nice size for me. Im use to small bags

comparision with the demin speedy, the denim speedy will allow u to put more stuff hence the denim speedy is more of a rounder shape. the popincoourt is a triangle, so if u over stuff it with things, youll notice that the bag will become irregular in shape (not permanately, but while there are things in there)

lemme take a picture and show ya!

heres popincourt, the inside view with my daily things, this is just to get a better idea of the size of the bag.

inside the bag: sunglass case, small cosmetics case, card holder, flat cell phone, bluetooth headset, keys, and i usually carry my digi cam everywhere, but its not in the bag b/c i was using the camera to snap photos. hehehe.



this is my popincourt 'stuffed' with my daily things (notice the irregular shape of the bag)



and heres the last pic, and how popincourt would normally look with rearranging my things accordingly so the bag doesnt look irregular



this is indeed a really nice size and a really cute bag. I fell in love with it the moment i saw it and purchased it on the spot...

i hope this helps!! ;)

sorry guys! here ya go!!! pictures are inorder of my descriptions!

in pic #2, the bag isnt as 'stuffed' looking b/c my camera is not n there.

in pic #3, if i oragnize my things in a certain way, it'll fit nicely.... like this pic


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Handbags R Us
Feb 2, 2006
Thank you so much for posting those pics as I was contemplating this as my first LV purchase unless I find a Cerises Speedy :love: and this gives me a good idea of what the Popincourt would look like

thank you :biggrin: