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  1. Does anyone have this bag? Is it roomy ? Can you compare tis to the denim speedy for room ?

    Since I have a speedy 25 and have thought up going up to the 30, but would like a 35 or 40 for going away on the weekends.. I really wouldnt need the 30 so
    I thought maybe this out be a nice in between

    Any thoughts ?

  2. Oh don't get me started on this lol! I want the Haut sooooo bad.
  3. it is not bad not as roomy as the denim speedy.
  4. i actually have this bag. Its a nice size for me. Im use to small bags

    comparision with the demin speedy, the denim speedy will allow u to put more stuff hence the denim speedy is more of a rounder shape. the popincoourt is a triangle, so if u over stuff it with things, youll notice that the bag will become irregular in shape (not permanately, but while there are things in there)

    lemme take a picture and show ya!

    heres popincourt, the inside view with my daily things, this is just to get a better idea of the size of the bag.

    inside the bag: sunglass case, small cosmetics case, card holder, flat cell phone, bluetooth headset, keys, and i usually carry my digi cam everywhere, but its not in the bag b/c i was using the camera to snap photos. hehehe.



    this is my popincourt 'stuffed' with my daily things (notice the irregular shape of the bag)



    and heres the last pic, and how popincourt would normally look with rearranging my things accordingly so the bag doesnt look irregular



    this is indeed a really nice size and a really cute bag. I fell in love with it the moment i saw it and purchased it on the spot...

    i hope this helps!! ;)
  5. I saw a girl carrying it when she was browsing in LV about three weeks ago. All I could think of is "Damn you Popincourt!" cause I know I'm going to have to get one whether it's this or the long or the haut.
  6. The popincourt is so cute!
  7. Get it! I'm on the lookout for a nice pre-owned one. ;-P
  8. I love the popincourt.
  9. I love the popincourt! It's such a cute and unique bag. I was at the LV store today and was playing with those 2 dangling balls on the side! I love it! :lol: You should get it.
  10. one of my girl friend just got one and it's soo cute, especially for spring/summer!
  11. Hi Popincourt

    Im not sure if its just me, but I cant see any of your pics :sad:
  12. thank you for your post, I dont see any pic's.. just red X's

  13. I think its really cute :smile:

  14. I think its a cute bag, its different then most everything you see out there. I will have to check it out irl.. next time in Yorkdale.
  15. Hi Poppincourt, please resend if you dont mind - would love to see your pics of the bag full and not full :biggrin: