1. Well i've always thought this bag was cute. When it first came out it droooled over it, then thought gee I wish i had waited when i bought my piano and bought the popincourt haut. In any event i totally enjoyed my piano.

    Lately i've been drooling over the popincourt again and would purchase the long strap with it.
    My worry has been it wont hold much. It seems the bigger the bag the more i tend to carry. That makes it tough when i carry a smaller bag.
    Today when i was leaving the gym there was an older lady that had one. In fact it was hanging in her locker, i was more curious to see if it was real then anything. I said omg you have a popincourt how do you like it? First she looked :wtf: at me then i said your LV. She's its very nice but i wish it has a long strap with it. I said yeah you're able to buy one but for the price it would be nice if it came with it. I'd like to get one but worried it wouldnt hold much. She pulled it out of her locker and :nuts: it holds a ton.Of course i then get a better vision of her bag and it was AUTHENTIC ... :wlae: So of course that just started more conversation.

    Anyone have good or bad thoughts on this bag?
  2. I love this bag. I love the shape. Go for it! :smile:
  3. My aunt has this bag and LOVES IT! She is pretty short (5 ft. 1-2 inches).........I :heart: the opening, it opens up REALLY wide!!
  4. I love the look of this bag... it seems to be a tad too small for my taste, but it's so gorgeous :love:
  5. I actually love this bag, DH thought it was little girlish and silly...........BUT I LOVE IT! And it does hold a lot suprisingly!! I think it's comparible to a pap 26 for what it can hold.
  6. For some reason I am just not drawn to this bag. It seems to be growing on me though the more I see it on tPF.
  7. I want it now !!!!

    I think sunday we are off to Toronto to pick up some work shirts for the b/f so I 'm hoping he will take me to LV ... ) i want to check it out hands on.
  8. It's a cute bag! Go for it! ;)
  9. It's cute. But I'm not drawn to it either.
  10. Thanks John, I want to check it out/try it on and see what i think. BUT, i'm going to purchase used if I can find out at a good price :biggrin:

    I like saving money :smile: and buying more bags :biggrin:
  11. This is on my wishlist! I've had it on there since I saw it! :nuts:
    It's really cute...I have yet to see it IRL, but I think it's sufficiently large for ME.
  12. I have never thought about buying one, as I typically carry larger bags. I think it's very cute, though!
  13. I think it's so adorable, you should definitely get it! Although for some reason, I prefer the popincourt long...ever since I saw the popincourt long on the weekly special on LT, I was :nuts: That one has a shoulder strap, too.

    I don't carry too much with me (I actually think the best bag for my everyday needs would be my papillon 30...petit noe is only good for winter since I still find that bag too big for warm days), so I think this bag is the perfect size!

    I think you can definitely use this as an evening bag because its got a cute handheld feature! :yes:
  14. I love it. When I bought my mono speedy, I couldn't decide between the speedy or popincourt. I've seen it IRL and it is just so cute!!
  15. Karman I think you'll like this bag :smile: its a nice size for everyday i think.