Popincourt...who else has one.

  1. Does anyone else have the popincourt(hand held)? I always read about the speedy..pop haute...cabas piano... Is the pop not as popular ? Sometimes, I wish I did get a shoulder bag because I wouldn't be so concerned about the leather. If anyone has one, post your pics!!
  2. The Popincourt is very cute but not for me, just got the Popincourt (has longer straps for shoulder) Haut yesterday and love it! :love:
  3. The Popincourt is definitely cute, but I would be worried about the leather turning uneven too.

    I am actually planning on getting a popincourt Haut for my next bag! :P
  4. sorry about the color of the pics...flash is broken haha
    hope this helps

  5. Cloud1014- It looks so cute on you!
  6. ^^ wow it really does, cloud! :smile:
  7. lol thankz!!
  8. The popincourt looks fab on you! It's nice to see someone else has the popincourt. I've only seen one other person have one in my area. If I'm correct it came out only last year. I bought mine this past Feb. Thanks for the pics posted.:smile:
  9. thanks for posting pic's the bag looks great.
  10. I bought mine few days ago, on Wednesday exactly. haven't got the chance to wear it though. maybe this weekend. :love: it, so cute.
  11. I have a pop. I love it, but I now want a shoulder bag as well. My pop gets used about 3x a month, which means I definitely need to take it out more often. :amazed:

    It's patina-ing nicely though!
    It at 3 months old.
  12. Cute pictures! I love the popincourt.
  13. I've got one, I'm carrying it today! :smile: It's such an adorable, feminine bag.
  14. cute shape but not for me.
  15. I love the popincourt. When I bought my Speedy I had a terrible time trying to decide between the two. I love it b/c of the unusual shape, plus hardly anyone has it. I've only seen two in real life!!