Popincourt vs. Papillion 30

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  1. What do you guys recommend? I normally carry "larger" purses, but was thinking that for an LV, these two look the most "distinctive" to me. Too many people have the Speedy... And I don't like that it sags.

    I am drawn to the Papillion because of the "free" accessories pouch, but I don't want that to influence my decision. What do you guys think?
  2. Since seeing Alya's popincourt, I'd vouch for it! So many people have the papillon as well...and the small papillon is so incredibly tiny, I think it might lose its novelty after awhile.
  3. I think you make a good point about people having the Paillion too--I think it's that stupid little pouch that I'm drawn too that comes with the purse!

    The Popincourt doesn't seem to be that popular and doesn't get knocked off--at least from what I've seen.... I'll keep my eye out, if I don't see anything for spring that I like--Popincourt it might be...
  4. I love the papillon 30!! In fact, I'm scarily drawn to barrel shape bags. I'm going in tomorrow to pick up my first LV and looking towards the damier papillon 30. At my area, I see more popincourt than the papillon though...
  5. I was looking at the "regular/short" Popincourt, not the Popincourt Haute.... I never see the short version--just the shoulder strap one (Haute) that seems to be everywhere.
  6. :nuts: You mean THIS one??? I LOVEEEE this one! So far, I only seen 1 girl at my area carrying it and it looks so good on her! This one is my next LV after the papillon for sure. I love the shape of it.

  7. Yup! That ONE! I screw up the photo thing, so I don't do it very often. I bought this Michael - Michael Kors tonight that was on sale. But I don't think it's quite me.... I also ordered a Gerard Darel that's supposed to come next week. I'll decide between one of those two. But I'm starting to think maybe I should get the Popincourt since the prices are going up. I can't imagine spending more than $700 on a LV, but that's b/c I just can't get over the fact that the bag is not completely leather, lol.
  8. Well, you got about 1 to 2 wks to make up your mind before the LV price goes up. :;):
  9. That one IS cute!!!! Get it before price hike!
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