Popincourt vs 'Épanoui PM

  1. Does any one have this
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] and a popincourt?

    do they hold about the same ?
  2. i don't have it but have seen several people carrying it, it's gorgeous! i suspect popincourt may fit more since it's angular in shape but measurement wise they are really similar.
  3. i think they hold more or less the same amount, but if you can afford the L'Epanoui PM, GO FOR IT!!! the leather is absolutely exquisite, and it's so classy and elegant
  4. I've seen both IRL and looked at the L'Epanoui in detail and it doesn't seem like a very practical bag IMO. I love this bag, the shape and all and at one time was set on getting one in the future. Now...I don't know.

    I think the Popincourt would hold more just because the opening is wider and the canvas isn't as stiff as the Suhali leather. The L'Epanoui PM is actually pretty small, and I was so surprised when it cost more than the Le Talentueux...for the money, I'd get a Le Tal or a Lockit PM :smile: JMHO!
  5. I have also seen both and the popincourt will hold more but not by much. If you will be using it everyday then I vote popincourt. The L'epanoui is pretty rigid and the closure is not that easy to open. It is a gorgeous bag though and I have it on my wishlist! Tough decision!
  6. I think popincourt will hold a bit more but the L'Epanoui PM is so much prettier and of course, more expensive, hehe