Popincourt vs. boulogne?

  1. I really like the popincourt and I went to go buy it but it was made in USA and I have it in my head that it should be made in France, so I bought the Boulogne instead because it was one of the few they had made in France in the store.

    Now i'm thinking about returning it and getting the popincourt haute. Any opinions if I should keep the Boulogne? I think I would like the size and ease of use with the popincourt. Should I care if its made in USA or not?

    I have 14 days to exchage it.

  2. It doens't bother me if my pieces are made in the US, I would go for what I like best!
  3. Get the PH. The value and quality of the bag should be the same, regardless of where it was made. Buy what you love! :smile:
  4. I would get the Popincourt Haut... it's a good sized bag. The Boulogne reminds me too much of an "old lady bag".

    It doesn't really matter where your bag is made. The quality/craftsmanship is still the same, it's just that some have their preferences. ;)
  5. Thanks for all your input. I really appreciate it. I'm going to exchange it for the PH. Can't wait!:wlae:
  6. Good choice :smile:
  7. Very good choice indeed! :yes:
  8. Good choice.
  9. Get the bag YOU want!
  10. Get the style you like most. It doesnt matter if t's made in the US. It's all the same and made by the same company
  11. Funny, i'm looking for this bag right now. I just checked and the bag i'm looking is made in france. Never even thought to look because i really done care. As long as its REAL that is all that matters to me.

  12. Get the PH!
  13. i love my PH! it's such a great bag... definitely get this!
  14. Is it mono or MC Boulogne? If it's mono Boulogne, then go ahead to get Poppin :smile:
  15. I TOTALLY agree with John, as usual. I am not a fan at all of the bologne- tho it was one of my first LV bags received as a gift. I never really used it. I think you will get so much more use out of the PH and I love the little charms on the zipper! Cute cute. Let us know what you decide, but I'd definitely choose exchange!
    I never even look to see where mine are made. It's LV either way!

    Edited to add- just saw you already decided to exchange. Good deal. Be sure to post pics of the PH! :smile: