Popincourt v. Speedy - Decision made!

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  1. So thanks to the advice, I've decided to go with the Popincourt. Speedy is adorable but I really can only have one right now so perhaps down the road!! Seriously - if anyone is interested in a brand new speedy 25 with a purseket bought at Neimans (the speedy) - let me know! Hasn't seen the light of day yet!
  2. Can't you return your speedy back?
  3. Yea, why don't you return your Speedy so you can get ur $ back and save it??
  4. How many days does Neiman accept returns? Can't you return it? You'd get all of your $ back if you returned it.
  5. Congrats on the decision :smile:
  6. I could take it back but before I do that - just thought I would see if anyone was interested since I have the purseket as well and it all looks so cute together!
  7. Popincourt is a great bag, nice choice.
  8. I love the popincourt! Great buy.
  9. Why don't you keep both? :biggrin:
  10. Yippie, PH is the best LV bag ever ! ;)
  11. I can't wait to get it - ordered it from elux today - and its my birthday so what better present is there! Emailed them and told them that it was birthday and if they were so inclined to expedite the shipping, I would not be opposed to it, lol!! :lol: