Popincourt or Popincourt Haut???

  1. I love both bags but can only get one at this time. Which do you prefer and why? I want a bag that can function as an "everyday" bag.

    Also, what is your take on the Batignolles Horizontal? Is it comfortable to carry or is it big and maybe bulky?

    Thanks!!! :tender:
  2. I don't know for sure, but I would think the Popincourt would be too small for an everyday bag.

    I love the Batignolles Horizontal. It's comfortable to carry, with the exception of the issue I have with *all* double-handle shoulder bags - one of the straps tends to fall down. It's big, but definitely not bulky - it's very lightweight.
  3. the Popincourt Haut would be a good everyday bag. the Popincourt is a little small and it's a handheld bag, which would be a nuisance.

    the Batignolles Horizontal is a great bag, and it's bigger than the Popincourt Haut, with very comfortable shoulder straps.
    popincourt haut 001.jpg batignolles horizontal 001.jpg
  4. I have the PH and it's been great for an every day bag. I just love it!

    Just got a Large Bucket and I love it, too, and have been using it everyday! My poor PH hasn't left the house since the bucket arrived. :P
  5. I have the POP H, and it's a good size for everyday, if you don't carry alot of things.
  6. I would go for the Batignolles Horizontal!:flowers:
  7. I have the popincourt haut and it's the perfect size !

    I do like my batignolles horizontal though, but it gets less use since I just don't have all that much stuff.
  8. I say Haut would be better as an everyday bag.
  9. I love the PH's shape - very smart!

    BH is bigger, and good for documents, etc.
  10. Gosh, now I'm considering getting both the BH and Haut!
    Yeuxhonnetes, your visuals help a lot! Thank you. All of you have some really good points that help make my decision.
  11. I have the PH and I LOVE:heart: it. It's the perfect size for me and I carry a lot of stuff. I use the PH and my epi petit noe all the time.
  12. The popincourt is too small for every day.

    I'd say get a PH or a BV :yes:
  13. I love the BH. It's my favorite LV Bag. Eventually I think I want to get a Popincourt. I just love it.
  14. awww, I guess I'm the only one who :heart: the popincourt. Actually, its a great bag and can actually fit many things in there. I usually carry my chanel sunnies in there and that's big, a wallet, cellphone, tissues, pen and some make up and still room for other things. I can carry it on my arm or handheld. Goodluck on your choice:smile:
  15. I saw someone carrying a Popincourt today and it was so cute! :yes: But I would probably go with the PH because you could wear it on your shoulder. :smile: