Popincourt or Cabas? Pls help me decide...

  1. I am considering purchasing one of these two bags - actual pics of each one attached. The Popincourt has some slight wear on the bottom corners - the Cabas is in great shape with almost no marks on the bottom.

    Which one is larger and holds more? Is one more flexible than the other? Are they both easy to get in and out of? I'd love thoughts as I can't seem to make up my mind :confused1:




  2. i have the Popincourt Haut and i like that it's more structured than the Cabas and doesn't have the all-vachetta bottom. it can hold a lot and the zipper is so cute
  3. popincourt hault
  4. love my popincourt haut too! get the ph =)
  5. Cabas! I have one and love it! It can hold a lot of stuff too.
  6. thanks so far everyone....anyone else's thoughts?
  7. Popincourt haut, less worries. I think they hold about the same.
  8. Cabas wear it up or wear it down it looks good especialy when it is casual.
  9. Cabas!
  10. i have the cabas and love it. hold so much stuff.
  11. I have the popincourt haut. Love that bag. It does show some wear on the corners if you're not careful. The zipper is so cute and it opens up really wide. it also has a cell phone pocket. I vote for ph!
  12. I'm biased as I dearly love my CP...just a little extra care with the vachetta bottom and you should be just fine. Anyway, that's my vote!
  13. Cabas Piano. It's perfect IMO..the vachetta bottom doesn't really require much care other than making sure you don't set it on anything wet (which I don't think you'd do anyway ;) ).
  14. I looooooooooove the Popincourt.
  15. Popincourt Haut gets my vote! :tup: