Popincourt Haute or Cabas Piano

  1. As I'm trying to figure out a good small "sight-seeing" bag (either trotteur or pochette w/strap) for my upcoming trip, I started drooling over some other bags I don't own but really "need". I might go with a Cabas Piano, but I like the Popincourt too. Which is a better "everyday" tote. I'm thinking the Piano over the mezzo, as I'm 5' 1" and bags tend to look overwhelming on me. For ex. I have Speedy 25 as the 30 made me look silly (though it looks soooo good on others!)
  2. Popincourt haut or the BH :smile:
  3. i'll definitely go to PH in this case. it looks so chic!
  4. I'd say PH! I love the "golden orbs" it has as a zipper pull... too cute! Plus there's no vachetta on the bottom so it's much easier to take care of. But either would be a fabulous choice!
  5. i love the cabas piano! the best thing is to try both the cabas and the PH on and see which one suits your shape/style better.
  6. I definitely prefer the popincourt haut, and hey, less vachetta bottom to worry about ! :yes:
  7. PH! i love the lil charms at the zipper pull too :biggrin:
  8. I have popincourt haut and like how it looks better than cabas piano, however, I'm noticing that the vachetta on the edges is getting dirty and that bugs me. I think that when I wear dark colors, the color transfers from my clothes onto the vachetta :shrugs:

    Also, it bugs DH when the two little gold balls clink together, however, I don't really notice it. Depends if you're the type that notices little sounds like that.
  9. Of the two. I'd go with the PH. Very striking bag.
  10. I like the Popincourt Haut a lot more.
  11. i like the look of the PH a lot more. The little balls on the zip pull are so cute.
  12. I like the popincourt haut more, no worries about vachetta on the bottom! :biggrin: This one's on my to-get list.
  13. PH all the way!
  14. Cp
  15. I prefer the Cabas Piano. I saw one a little while ago that was beautiful.