popincourt haute or batignolles horizontal


Feb 15, 2006
Hi all, I'm considering popincourt haute or batignolles horizontal as my first LV bag. Want to use it as a work bag as well as for casual bag. Which one do you think I should get? I like to put a lot of things in my bag Thanks.
I have both in house right now (my batignolles) and the other I gave to my grandmother. They are both great bags, I'd say the only thing would be if you like zippers or not. I like to just shove stuff into the horizontal, but the haut is more secure :biggrin:
i agree with noriko...

i have a popincourt haut and thought about getting a batignolles, and looks-wise they are both equal to me...i think it's more about style, as far as zippers vs. open larger vs. smaller, etc.
my mom has the popincourt haut and i have the horizontals, so i've tried lugging around both of them. by far, i prefer the horizontals because it's roomier and the shape is much nicer (and, i might add, not so extensively copied as the hauts). but noriko's right. if you wouldn't feel secure without a zipper, then you'd better go for the haut. seriously though, both LOVELY bags with versatility - can be taken anywhere!
Thanks ladies.. I also love the balls of haut and that it has zip but love the shape of horizontal more and that it is roomy... Guess it's a tough choice. btw, do you think the size of horizontal is alright for work?
I chose the Horizontal because I wanted a bag big enough to tote work files to meetings offsite. I think the BH is perfect for that. The Haute is quite a bit smaller.
The Haut.. cause it's got balls ! ;)

I don't hate the batignolles vertical, but it just doesn't hold that appeal for me, I much prefer the vertical verson, or even the little original batignoles
I had the same dilemma...First I purchased the popincourt and left it sitting in its dust cover for a few days. Ultimately, the batignolles horizontal won out and I exchanged it. What a great decision! The batignolles goes better with my personal style, and it is sooo roomy that I've even got room for my boyfriend's junk!
Thanks everyone for your advice! It's a tough choice i must say. haha.. Will drop by the shop and try both.. Another bag that i like is the damier speedy. Can't wait for it to be on permanent line.
Just tried on both again today. I bought the horizontal. It's just a bigger bag and I like that the bottom is bigger - I like the way my things sit in a purse that wider opposed to slimmer and taller.
It's also a little more "structured" looking and I'm pretty casual.