Popincourt haut...

  1. Going through the threads I have heard a few people refer to the PH has a small bag:shrugs: . Anyhow I just ordered it and I should be receiving it soon.:yahoo: I was told that it is a med bag:yes: . From pics that I have seen it looks like a medium bag:yes: . Just hoping it is a big enough:confused1: everyday bag I found the BH to be a tad big :graucho: for everyday for me. I did not see it IRL or try it
    on I am hoping that I made the right choice for a shoulder bag. The BH and HL seem like large shoulder bags and I wanted a med shoulder bag:shrugs: .

    So many great LV shoulder bags. It is challenging to pick a bag based on small pics:confused1: . Very few people mention the PH so I think it is a bit less popular than the other shoulder bags. That could be a good thing because it won't be has common. If it is a small bag I can always send it back for something larger.
  2. I've had this bag since March and it is a perfect everyday bag. You will just love it. I would say it's a medium bag, definitely. Plus, it's such a cute shape. Congratulations on your new bag!
  3. If the BH is too big for you, I would think this one would be perfect.
  4. you really do need to stop worrying so much. the Popincourt Haut is the perfect size as a medium bag. the more you harp on this the more you'll doubt your purchase before it's even arrived.
  5. It's a medium sized bag and it is PERFECT for everyday! I'm positive you will love it!
  6. not quite harping:P ...rather wondering if I have an accurate perception of the size. I have heard a couple of people refer to this bag has "small" and I definitely need a medium size bag. It is hard to determine the size of the bag based on a couple of pics and dimensions(because of the shape)...reading all the posts on the Bh and LH goes to show you that people are torn of which bag to get and also the size...wish that there was an LV in town to go and try the bags on that would make this process a heck of a lot easier.
  7. thank you Texas Girl, crjhht and spylove22 I need a confirmation that it is medium size bag....I can only afford one shoulder bag so I want to be sure I made the right decision...when someone referred to the bag has small I thought oh no it won't be big enough...thanks again:flowers: :party:
  8. i think you made the right choice. it's a medium bag and very flattering when worn. don't worry too much. you will know when it arrived. :supacool:
  9. Gucci gal, check out the thread for Popincourt in the LV Clubhouse. There are lots of pics and some feedback on why we love it so much.

  10. I agree:yes:

    Quell your reservations until you actually get your bag.
  11. It is most definitely a medium sized bag!!! I feel the HL and BH are considered large shoulder bags also so I am confident that our size perceptions are similar so fear not! the PH is definitely a medium bag enough to fit more than the essentials! Enjoy your new purchase! =)
  12. the ph is the perfect everyday bag....leaves your hands free since its a shoulder bag...i use mine everyday....holds a lot...and is just the right size for me...im only 5ft tall :yes:
  13. I am 5'8 and the PH is a medium bag for me also. I tend to carry things in separate compartments and I have space for all of them. I think that you will love the size and versatility of this bag.
  14. Thank you disney16... I am so glad to hear it is a medium size bag yeah!!!
  15. Thanks snorks but, it was more challenging for me to decide based on pics. Also I work two jobs to be able to afford some nice things and can only afford to only get one LV handbag so it is a bit more pressure when spending all that money and wanting to order the right bag for me. Your situation may be different but, drpopping that amount of money on a bag is a lot for me so I hope that you understand my concern. I am empathic to others and there situations and concerns without passing judgement in turn I hope for the same from other but,it is not always the case. Cheers!!!!