Popincourt Haut

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  1. Would you consider it a roomy bag?
  2. Yep, I generally carry smaller bags so I have a hard time filling mine. If you want a larger bag in that kind of over the shoulder shape, maybe the cabas mezzo or the batignolles vertical would be a better choice though. I just like the shape !
  3. I have the PH and I love it. All of my friends have speedys so I wanted something different. I cram it full everyday and have to empty it out every night !! :smile:
  4. I love my popincourt haut and I carry TOO much in my bags...i think it's the perfect size.
  5. Great looking bag.:biggrin:
  6. nice
  7. Looks great! I've got the Popincourt (not haut), and it's one of my favorite bags. :smile: