Popincourt Haut

  1. I'm thinking of buying the LV Popincourt Haut? Anybody have this and do you love it???
  2. I just got mine a few weeks ago and I love it!! I bought it because I wanted to be able to carry it on my shoulder. It's just the right size too.
  3. After being incredibly indecisive, I did get my Pop Haut and we are now very happy together! Here is a pic of her with her scarf:
  4. Thanks to you both--I have visited this bag 3 times. Apparently, 6 times is the average! I'm just about ready to pull the trigger and your comments helped! Oh, and I love the scarf addition.
  5. I wish I had the ability to look over the bags and then come home and check with the PF - but I don't - I see a bag, I love it and I buy it and then I just hope to get some support from all of you - tonight I bought a Saleya Damier - It was love at first sight:love: I admire your restraint!
  6. I am thrilled for you - I so know the high!!!
  7. The Popincourt Haut was my first LV bag. I love it--not too big, not too small. It fits everything neatly inside without it being so big that everything flops around.
  8. Oh gorgeous!!! I like the way you presented it - I bought a new LV tonight so I'm in love also - what a great feeling - enjoy your bag and carry it with pride.
  9. I'm presently torn between the Haut and the Batignolles Vertical -- would anyone happen to have opinions on making a choice between the 2? Thanks so very much :smile:
  10. Oh boy, that's the bag I'm currently salivating over. I'm going to admire it this weekend at my LV store. Can't get it yet....:sad2:
  11. I loved the Haut when I was in the store. Very pretty!
  12. Poppincourt Haut is extremely attractive on a petite person. I am thinking it will be my next LV.
  13. I have the Pop Haut and I love it!!! I can carry it on my arm, hand or shoulder and it fits all my stuff with "rummaging room" still left over.

    The other day I had a flat tire and had to call a local garage. A mechanic came over, pumped up my tire and I drove it back to the garage with him. I stood beside my car talking to him holding my purse... after he finished with the tire he turned to me and said "Your Popincourt Louie is great. My wife wants that same purse." LOL!

    My first compliment on my bag -- from a guy fixing my tire! I told him he should buy it for her and he said he just might do that.
  14. That's so sweet!:lol: