Popincourt Haut vs. Cabas Piano

  1. I really love both of these.:drool:
    Which do you own/prefer, and why?
    Thank you.
  2. I want to own the piano some day. I am not a fan of the popincourt. In my opinion it is too angular and I don't like those gold balls either.
  3. i don't own either, and i haven't been a fan of the pop, but i have seen this bag irl lately (many times, actually) and it's growing on me. i also like the piano- seems like a great everyday bag.
  4. I don't have the piano, but my sil has one and it looks very chic besides functional.
  5. i don't own any but I prefer the poppincourt.
  6. Excellent points.
    I don't necessarily mind it being angular, in fact - I think I might be drawn to the structure of it.

    However....those gold balls just might get on my nerves. :blink:
  7. i have and love the PH.

    i also like the cabas piano... but i would rather own this bag in damier instead of mono, only because i really dislike the vachetta bottom. i'm not sure if i'll ever want to get it special ordered... but maybe someday. i think i'm holding out just in case they ever make it permanent like the damier speedy.
  8. ^^I would prob. like it if it didn't have the gold balls. I just don't understand why they put them on that bag.

    A friend of mine actually has both of them. I'll ask her which she prefers and why.
  9. cabas in my opinion. So classic and funcuntional...not a a fan of the popincourt either.
  10. Cabas Piano.. I just like the simple shape of it!
  11. Cabas Piano...PH's zipper and balls annoy me!
  12. Funny, I have the PH and *especially* like the angular shape and the gold balls. - Hey, it would be a boring world if we all liked the same stuff.
  13. I like the piano better. It looks so simple and classic. the only thing is that I would worry about the vachetta bottom. I kind of like the popincourt but it looks a little too straight on top (angular as the others say). I don't mind those gold balls.
  14. Cabas Piano is definitely more classic. I was worried about the vachetta bottom but with just a bit of TLC it hasn't been a problem for me at all. I adore my piano! The PH is just too square, stiff and 'kiddish-looking' for me.
  15. I prefer the Cabas Piano. It seems so funtional and classic.