Popincourt haut vs Batignolles Horizontal

  1. I am not sure if this has been done before so apologies if it has been.

    The thing is I like the B.H a lot and I would like to use it as a laptop bag. But then I saw it IRL and thought it was too big + no zipper. Would it be quite huge to carry? and is it safe (i.e. can someone grab your items from inside. Also if you set it down will everything fall out?)

    Also the Popincourt Haut is so nice but I don't think it is big enough.

    Or should I stop being pretentious. I mean an lv bag for my laptop. I really don't know what has gotten into me. :rolleyes: :blush:

    Forget about the laptop thing. Is the B.H too big to carry around all day? And is the P.H better?
  2. The BH is perfect for an everyday bag. My largest bags are this one and the Cabas Mezzo and where the Mezzo is TOO big once my school things are out of it, the BH is perfect. And since it sits under your arm, you tend to hold the bag closed yourself. I haven't had any trouble with it at all, especially since the bag is pretty deep and by the time someone would reach anything of value, you'd KNOW they were digging in your bag. :yes:
  3. The BH is a really nice daily bag but i wouldn't use it for my laptop, louis has special laptop bags. I don't think it's big at all and i feel secure because my arm is over it. The only problem would be rain
  4. i've used the Batignolles Horizontal as a laptop bag before, and it worked really well. it's very comfortable to carry, and it's a great size

    the Popincourt Haut is also a good everyday bag. i love mine, and it's good for shopping or running errands when you need it to hold everything and yet not be too big that it'll get in your way
  5. Bh Bh Bh
  6. i love my bh and use it for everyday. i can't use it as a laptop bag because my new laptop is 17" (!) but if it would fit i would!
  7. BH is nicer.
  8. I don't think the BH would be too big at all! I actually like that it's not too big or not too small...

    Have you considered a BV instead? I know a couple pfers who have used this to fit a computer...I actually like the BV look over the BH look (but that's just me...)
  9. I have grown very fond of the BH and I definitely prefer that over the PH. While I dont have the BH, it looks like a very good day bag and perfect for a laptop. I honestly dont think it'll be easy for people to snatch things out of the purse since it is somewhat deep and they wont be able to do it without you feeling it (unless you've set it down somewhere)
  10. I had both. I sold the BH because I felt it was too big for me. I would catch sight of myself in the mirror and thought I looked silly (I'm 5'1"). I use my Pop Haut as an everyday work bag. It's big enough to hold all my things and I feel it's scaled better to my proportions.
  11. I like the batignolles horizontal.
  12. have you thought of either of these ..
    option 1.jpg option 2 .jpg
  13. I have the popincourt haut (just got it today)!! I love it but there's no way my laptop could fit in there.
  14. I like the bh. The pop is a little too structured to me. IMO
  15. ^^^ I like the cougar. I don't want a hand-held one.