Popincourt Haut Questions - Pros/Cons

  1. I did a search and went through most of the results - and I still have a few questions for the PH owners out there:

    1. Do the gold balls/hardware chip easily?

    2. I've read complaints about the gold balls clinking - but when I tried it on, I recall them being magnetic, so is the clinking really a problem?

    3. *Photo Request* - Picture of the PH with the straps shortened so that it's used as a hand-held. I've read that it looks cute, but to me I'd think the straps would look a bit odd flapping around. Also, wouldn't there be imprints on the straps where the buckle usually rests against it?

    4. Are the straps curling much of an issue and how long before they start curling?

    TIA everyone!
  2. The gold balls on mine have never chipped.

    They don't "clink" too much either, but they are not magnetic like you think.

    The straps haven't really curled yet either.

    I wish I had pics to show you... unfortunately the bag was sold for a Batignolles Horizontal which I like much more. =X
  3. 1. I've only had mine for less than a month and I've worn it maybe 5 times max...so don't know. They tarnish over time, but I haven't seen chipping yet.

    2. I don't think they are magnetic...but clinking isn't a problem for me.

    3. I can take a picture for you. Give me 5-10 minutes. I do think it's weird this way, the straps look really odd sticking that much out of the buckle. I like my buckle to go through the lowest hold on my straps. For me this is solely a shoulder bag.

    4. Can't answer this for you since like I said I've only had it for a month. I heard that if you take off the straps when the bag isn't in use it helps prevent curling. I would expect curling to start happening when the leather is softening.
  4. Here you go--I included a couple of modeling pics, I'm in my PJs already so they're not the best pics :p
    ph.jpg ph2.jpg ph3.jpg
  5. I don't think it looks bad as a handheld! It is kind of cute actually!

    Cute jammies Karman!
  6. thanks karman! i'm in my pj's too :lol:- your quick modeling pic is much appreciated!
  7. oh, and i had one more random question...i think i'd wear mine either at the lowest or 2nd lowest hole - when I wear shoulder bags I tend to hold them down with my hand - do you guys find that it patinas quicker wear you place your hand?
  8. I owned the original Popincourt, and after awhile, the ball zipper pulls felt heavy, especially after the leather wore down a bit (afraid later they would fray off)....so I sold it.
    But that's just MY opinion and experience!!!!!!!
  9. love my ph
  10. I love the bag but I'm not sure I like how far the straps go when they are shorted that much.
  11. You're very welcome--and my jammies...lol they're piggy PJs, so comfy. And the shirt has a heart and my boyfriend's name on it hahaha
  12. ^^ haha - cute!!! I have a t-shirt I wear to bed that says "I Love Hockey Players" on the front and the my boyfriend's number and last name on the back! :p Did you get yours specially made too?
  13. My Mom has one and after two years of everyday use all the leather has to be replaced. Granted she doesnt take the best care of it... The design traps dirt really easily and the leather that the balls hang on is so dirty and falling apart. Don't get a Popincourt... she regrets it... but loves it all the same.
  14. I love the design/shape/size of PH. But Mono hasn't been appealing to me lately. :sad: If you could get the same bag in Epi, I would be all over it!

    As far as the curling, I have a mono petite bucket and remove the straps for storage. It is from 2001, so well worn, and the straps do try to curl. I store them in the opposite direction, wound into the bottom of the bag, to try and "undo" the curl. It seems to help.
  15. I have a PH that I bought in September and I carry almost everyday. So far my biggest complaint is the significant wear on the leather on the corners of the bottom. My mother has always had LV bags and I have never seen them wear like this. I still like the bag and I personally like the little balls, they do clack a little, but not bothersome. I can foresee having the leather replaced though after not too long (maybe one year). It's already got a nice patina, even though I carry it as a shoulder bag.