Popincourt Haut question

  1. For those who own this bag, can you tell me if the brass balls on the pull of the zipper make a noise that is very bothersome/irritating when you are walking while wearing your bag?
  2. They make a little noise - but I like it! Its not annoying at all.
  3. i like the noise!

    to me it feels weird when they're not knocking against each other
  4. Doesn't bother me either.:smile:
  5. Doesn't bother me, either. The other day they were silent and I felt like something was wrong but didn't realize it was because they were being quiet -- one of the straps had flipped inside the zipper so they weren't hitting each other! :lol: I like the little noise they make.
  6. It is so subtle, and I agree, I like it!
  7. No bother here at all, I don't even notice it anymore. :biggrin:
  8. That sounds so cute... the little balls hitting each other when you walk. :amuse:
  9. Thanks for your helpful replies!
  10. I'll be the disagreeable one! The clacking balls drove me nuts and I returned it! They really did bug me. I loved the way the bag looked, but I exchanged it for a petite bucket. I liked the zipper on the popincourt, but the silence of the bucket! Recently, I picked up the cabas piano, and I love that. That might be a good sub for the popincourt. Around the same size and it zips for security....Just my opionion, though! :smile:
  11. A seller on ebay had LV remove the brass balls and then asked them to replace them with a zip pull instead. What do you think of that idea? Does it take away from the whole look of the bag?
  12. yes! if the balls aren't there, then it wouldn't be a popincourt. =C
  13. I've got the Poppincourt Long, with the same brass bobbles, and seriously, I think the sound is very faint and practically unnoticeable...
  14. They were what drew me to that bag.
  15. Yep, I love those balls ! And I think the clacking noise is reassuring, lets me know that my bag is still there ! ;)