Popincourt Haut question: made in USA?

  1. i got Pop haut today after I found Epi Passy does not look good on me.
    I always like the Pop Haut. so didn;t take a much closer look until i got home. I am very happy with it, just a few questions to you LV lovers:

    1) inside, the label saidi made in USA. is it normal now? cuz my other LV made in France. is made in USA not as good quality? which leads to my 2nd question

    2) I tried on again when I got home wearing sleeveless. I found the shoulder straps are a little sharp, some times I feel a little hurt. does this happen to anyone?

    greatly appreciate your input!
  2. I believe the more popular bags are mostly made in the US. I have a Popincourt Haut as well, and its made in the US as well. I dont really think that theres a difference in quality..

    My straps have never hurt me, maybe you just need to wear it out a bit.
  3. thanks! I feel more settled now. my hubby said it must because it is new...
  4. the straps were really stiff when I first purchased it but after wearing it a few time, it 'soften' up and form to my shoulder alot better!:yes:
  5. Bags made in the USA and bags made in France are of the SAME quality. They go through the same product quality tests, and are made with the same materials. One is not more "authentic" than the other. It's LV's way of keeping up with the demand for the products.