~*Popincourt Haut -- Photo Request*~

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  1. I'm very close to purchasing this bag but have only seen it online. Can anyone who has it post a pic of them with it on?

    I'm trying to find out how big it actually is because the measurements sound like a speedy 25, which I'm having a hard time picturing as a shoulder bag!

    HELP :love:

    TIA :biggrin:
  2. i don't have a picture of it on right now, but here's how you can get a feel of the size:

  3. awww...thanks so much! :love:

    do you think it's a good buy?

    i don't own a regular size LV handbag yet (just have a pochette and makeup bag) and want to make sure i get good use out of my first purchase :smile:
  4. a good buy: absolutely and I know the other Popincourt owners on the board will probably agree!

    It's the right size, holds just enough to be a medium sized bag, but not too small, because I'm not a small bag fan. Especially if you want a shoulder bag, I would recommend a popincourt haut or either a Batignolles.
  5. Tia, you must be reading my mind. :lol: I love the shape of it, but I've never seen it in person or on a person.
  6. those are the exact 2 i'm stuck between!
    batignolles vertical or popincourt haut...
    thanks so much for your help :biggrin:
  7. TIA = thanks in advance
    But yes, it's a cute bag. I must visit it in person soon!
  8. :shame: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  9. :lol: :lol: :amuse:
  10. Yeah.. popincourt haut pride ! I absolutely love mine !!


    I can take a picture of it tomorrow.. it's a little smaller than a batignolles vertical, which I think may be my next purchase after a speedy 25 anyways.. it depends on what you carry, but I can fit EVERYTHING I need in my popincourt, it's perfect !
  11. ^^ AHHH - it's so pretty!:love:
  12. blackbutterfly: i love love LOVE your damier geant messenger!

    and ayla: what a gorgeous bag!
  13. Excuse the dirty mirror.. :shame:

    And I'm 5'0.

    And the second picture is just to give you an idea of what I put in the bag.. there's still plenty of room for more !
    pcourt.jpg pcourt2.jpg
  14. yay! i'm short too. it looks like it will be the perfect size.

  15. Yeah ! Go short people ! ;)

    Glad that I could be of help.. convincing you to join the Popincourt Haut club !!
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