Popincourt haut or Damier Papilon 30?

  1. Hi everybody! this is my first post I found this site by chance when I was researching about Bergacci, so glad I found it or I would have bought a purse from them. Thanks to all your info!
    My question is this, I like both poppincourt haut and damier papilon 30 so I cant decide on which one to get, and I can only choose one at the moment.
    could you help me decide? thanks!:smile:
  2. Oh thank god you haven't been sucked in by those jerks !!

    Anyways, I would definitely get the popincourt haut - it was my first Louis Vuitton ! It's so practical, large enough to fit all your essentials and it fits comfortably on your shoulder. I just don't think the shape of the papilon is as practical, it won't hold as much and plus it kind of rolls when you put it down. Go popinccourt ! :biggrin:

    And welcome to the PF !
  3. Damier Papillon 30!

    Edited to say: Welcome to the PF!
  4. i have both bags, and even though i love them both to death, i think it depends on what you want the bag for. if it's for everyday use, then get the Popincourt Haut.

    the Papillon 30 can fit a lot too actually, if you know how to arrange everything in properly. and by the way, mine doesn't roll :roflmfao:
  5. I have the Popincourt Haut and I love it. I also had the Papillon 26, and the rolling thing kinda bugged me. I vote for the PH, and welcome!
  6. i vote for the popincout haut, i tried it on at the store once, its lovely and just the right size for everyday use.
  7. actually my husband asked my cousin what purse I wanted and have already ordered the PH from elux last last week but elux said they could only deliver by next week. so it kinda ruined his surprise coz he had to tell me about the purse that wont make it for my bday, but like I said I also liked the Papilon so I still have time to change the order if I want to.
    Its going to be my first LV!:biggrin:
  8. Thanks ladies for sharing with me your opinions!
    I think all of you are right with the PH being an everyday bag.
    So i'll stick with the purse my husband got for me in the first place.