Popincourt Haut or Cabas Piano??

  1. I'm still not in love with my PH - I don't know what it is but we can't seem to make it last together. Anyway, I'm wondering for those who have either or both - which do you like better, the PH or the Cabas Piano? Want it for casual knockaround everyday! thanks gals.
  2. I have both and a batignolles horizontal. Love them all, but the bh the most. Have you tried that?

    The popincourt haut is great when I don't want to carry as much and want a casual, polished look. I love my piano, but don't use it a whole lot--only when I know that I won't have to set it down somewhere dirty.
    The BH is the bag that I keep going back to. Great size, shape, feel, etc.
  3. The Cabas has the size I want. The Poponcourt is smaller than I thought when I saw it in person.
  4. Piano gets my vote.
  5. Love my Cabas Piano. Great workhorse of a purse.
  6. Piano gets my vote as well!!
  7. I agree, I love mine :heart: It's a great, super functional bag.
  8. Well, I don't have a piano, but I'm sure you know what my response to this question will be ! ;)
  9. I don't have either, but I would prefer the Piano. I have a Batignolles Horizontal that I love, though.
  10. I think the Piano is more classic.
  11. The only one that I have is the PH...if you don't love it, I would exchange it. I love mine!
  12. i love the look of the popincourt haut. ;)
  13. good question.. hard deciding between these 2!
    aren't they both the same size tho?
    i don't like that the PH looks like it's really hard and solid whereas the cabas just seems a bit hard to keep the vanchetta clean... opinions?