popincourt haut or BV?

  1. Which do you think is better for everyday use and why?
  2. Popincourt haut, I love the little balls on the zipper. I think the BV is too deep and you'd be digging. With the PH you wont. Plus you can move the straps on the PH.
  3. popincourt haut because it got a zip closure.
  4. I prefer the BV. The PH is a little small for me.
  5. thanks guys!
  6. popincourt haut because it has a zipper and the little balls are so cute
  7. Popincourt Haut coz it has a zipper and the cute balls plus the straps are adjustable

    I think Popincourt Haut is more structured than BV. I was choosing between these two bags too and my DH said Popincourt Haut was cuter and safer since it has a zipper
  8. BV, bec. I like the look of a bigger bag.
  9. The BV has a little more space, but no zippers OR balls ! Personally, I prefer the PH.. but hey, that didn't stop me from buying both - that's the best solution ! :graucho:
  10. haha, maybe you're right!:p
  11. PH which got zipper and the adjustable straps.
  12. I personally don't think the pop haut is big enough for me. I used to carry small bags, but not any more. I would go either BV of BH!
  13. Popincourt haut is better, because it's closed with a zip. It holds a lot, i like it very much!
  14. popincourt for me...the size is just right and i also love the little balls...the zipper is also a plus.
  15. The Popincourt haut it holds alot more than you would think. I tried it on and put all my stuff in it and it all fit. I ended up getting something in Damier that day but it is a fantastic bag.