popincourt haut or batignolles horizontal?

  1. Wow i can pic two pretty bags as a present...(from me for me ;)

    I only have a mono pochette and two school bags..

    Wich one would you pich PH/BH and why? i'm planning to use it as an every dag bag but not for school.

    i also want a speedy or an black epi pochette.... wich bags should i get? :unsure:

  2. I have a BH, and love it. The PH just looks a little too structured or something for me. The BH is a great everyday bag. It fits plenty of stuff, and it's very easy to get stuff in and out.

    Of the other two you mentioned, I think I would prefer a Speedy.
  3. BH and speedy! I LOVE LOVE LOVE my speedies and I'm yearning for a BH!
  4. BH and speedy. That will give you one shoulder and one hand-held bag. Both very versatile and classic!
  5. BH. It's my favorite of my LV bags.
  6. Bh!
  7. BH, i like it b/c its less structured than the PH
  8. I vote for the Popincourt Haut -- I personally don't find it structured. It's a very simple shape. I think it's a great shape, LOTS of room inside and a style that you can dress up or dress casually with.
  9. Haut. I love the shape.
  10. BH & Black Epi
  11. BH and speedy
  12. Get a BH and a Speedy :nuts: <------ Whoa! Look at the eyebrows on that smiley :lol:
  13. BH! Without a doubt!:love: :love:
  14. hehehe :smile: i'm actually stuck between a PH and a Batignolles vertical myself. but between the haut and the horizontal, I like the PH better 'coz the horizontal is a little too wide across for me!
  15. Personally, I love the popincourt haut. I suggest going to the store and trying them on. You'll know which one is right for you.