Popincourt Haut Handles

  1. How durable are the handles of the PH:confused1: ? I went to LV today to try it on and it doesnt seem as durable as the Batignolles H...mainly because of the adjustable handles. But I prefer the PH shape and style:heart: . I carry my makeup case, long wallet, ipod, cell phone & sunglasses. So it can get pretty heavy....I dont have any problems w my Speedys:love: or Batignolles:love: (hand held).
  2. the handles are pretty durable. i haven't had a problem with mine so far :yes:
  3. thanks sandra:flowers: ! do you put in the same amount of stuff as you do in your speedy (saw it in the purseket thread):shrugs:
  4. yes i put the same amount. probably more, since it's a bigger bag :lol:
  5. Great, done deal!!! popincourt haut it is then:yahoo: