Popincourt Haut comfortable to wear?

  1. I tried on the PH last weekend and I love the look, but it felt uncomfortable, since it's so structured it was hard to find a comfortable position.

    I love this bag, I feel like I need to get it, was I wearing it wrong or something?
  2. well, the one you tried on is a brand new bag and hadn't been broken in yet.

    i think mine is comfortable. i have the straps adjusted to the perfect length, and i never over stuff it so that it bulges or look strange when wearing.
  3. Hmmm.....I had this bag and didn't "love" it that much. I think it was a little too structured for me. I gave it to my mom after it sat in my closet for a year and now that she uses it every day it does look better - more broken in. (Now I want it back!!!) It's a great size and holds a lot without being huge. Good luck with your decision.
  4. i found mine very comfortable from the day i got it. i love the structuredness of it, and it's a good-sized bag, very roomy and yet not too big
  5. The PH was my 1st LV bag, and I really love it. I think it's comfortable and roomy. Still my favorite!
  6. I tried it on in the store and thought it very comfortable. It is a great bag!
  7. same here :yes:
  8. very comfortable and is a good bag for everyday use:party:
  9. I don't find it's structured at all, very comfy. If it were something like the vernis houston, now THAT is structured!
  10. I tried that one on too and thought the same thing. I think the BV feels good, try that one on next time too!:yes:
  11. I Love my PH! I use it as my everyday bag and it is just the perfect size! Very comfy too! Maybe you should try it on again...
  12. Thought is was comfortable
  13. I like mine, I find it comfortable, and I can put quite a few things in it. It is my primary work bag!