Popincourt Haut, calling all enablers !!!

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  1. I purchased my first LV, i prefer bags which can be carried on shoulder, i picked Popincourt Haut. I read both positive and negative feedback on it. But, pleeeeease could you tell me more. I want to hear good things about it, i want to know that i made good choice for my first LV.Looking forward to hear from all of you.
  2. It's really a cute shoulder bag, just too small for my needs.
  3. I think it's really cute! It actually holds a lot. My advice it just be careful of the bottom corners. Color can transfer on the vachetta, especially if you wear a blue jean jacket. Otherwise I love the bag.:smile:
  4. I've been also thinking of the popincourt haut vs. batignolles vertical. So finally I made the 3 hour round trip to the closest LV boutique.

    Pros: zippered top, adjustable handles, fits very nicely under the arm.

    Cons: somewhat boxy, vachetta trim is too high maintenance for me, too small to fully fit a magazine.

    It is a beautiful bag. Pricewise I could not justify it over BV as the BV is just the right size for me.

    HTH! Tophe
  5. I went to the store with the intention of buying the Popincourt Haut.
    Seeing it in person I just couldn't decide was also looking at the batignolles vertical - I wound up walking out without either - figured I'd wait till one SPOKE to me.
  6. the popincourt haut is a really cute bag. i'm just not a huge fan of the tab at the end of the zipper, though i may get over that in the future.

    its a rather small shoulder bag. but i do like that it has a zipper top :smile:
  7. I actually like my Popincourt Haut. I choose it over the Batignolles Horizontal because it was too big more me. I like how the PH is the perfect size to use for your everyday essentials (wallet, makeup case, cell phone) and how it can be worn with just a tee and jeans or with a dress and still look fine. I want to get the Popincourt as well but my friend has it and I don't want to copy her.
  8. It's the perfect size, IMO.
  9. I have it and I don't think it's small at all. You can fit a lot in there. It's a great shoulder bag and I really love how you can adjust the straps. I think you will love it. I also love the little balls at the end of the zipper.
  10. I like it and my friend uses it for her everyday's bag...as a hint she has 2 cellphones and lots of junks that she carries everyday so i am sure it has enough space and durable enough for everyday bag.
  11. the ph was my very first lv. I've had it right at a year now and it looks great. I think the shape is very classy, but also casual if that's what you want. I agree you must watch the vachetta corners. Mine were showing some wear, but I used saddle soap to make it look better. You made a good decision. It's a great everyday bag.
  12. I like it, but when i went to the store to actually purchase it i ended up falling in love with the batignolles horizontal instead....

    it actually depends on the size you need. go to the store and try them on & see what you like....
  13. I bought the PH last spring and second guessed my choice all summer. I only used it a few times. Then this fall I started using it quite a bit and fell in love with it all over again! I love the boxy bottom that allows everything inside to "sit" nicely (vs. a rounder, slouchy bag), that the sides are still so my cell and keys don't make it slouch. It looks great on the shoulder or on your arm and it's the perrrrfect size for what I need, it also limits me so I don't load it up and kill my shoulder. I know I will have this bag forever, I got the Tulum PM for xmas and am still iffy on that one...
    Enjoy it!
  14. Thanks bjc, im glad you like yours and i will now enjoy mine as well!
  15. I like the popincourt it is very useful.