Popincourt Haut/cabas Piano

  1. Bonjour, measures of Popin Haut are a little bit smaller than those of the Cabas Piano, but I would like to know if the difference when carrying the Pop H is really important or if you can put inside a lot of thinks as you can do with de Piano ? Merci.
  2. Hi - I recently bought the Popincourt Haut and it holds quite a bit. Wallet, glasses, cell phone, book, and a variety of other things and it wasn't close to being full. Hope that helps some.
  3. Merci beaucoup.
  4. my pleasure!
  5. you might do a search as this topic as been posted before...maybe in the other threads there are pictures that will give you visuals on the differences.
  6. If i was just making the choice now(to buy new) i'd go for the popincourt. Reason less worry about the bottom of the bag.

    I purchased my piano bag used and for the purpose of it being my abuse bag for bag weather so i wasnt worried about the bottom of the bag.

  7. bonjour, j'ai le popincourt haut, et sont ici des images de ce que je peux mettre à l'intérieur:



    c'est vrai!
  8. Oooo I like the size of your agenda.. can i ask what the size is ?

  9. it's the medium agenda in Monogram Mat
  10. I hope this is correct, my french isnt the best

    Bonjour, j'ai un sac de piano de Cabas. Voici ce que vous pouvez mettre à l'intérieur de lui. Appréciez!

    **Hello, I have a Cabas piano bag. Here is what you're able to put inside it. Enjoy!**

    Okay, I cheated and use the online translator :smile:

  11. Thank you ..

    It looks great.

  12. The Popincourt holds alot. I can get all of this in it.
  13. wow that does hold a lot! Definitely go with the Popincourt and save yourself the worry about the bottom vachetta leather piece. I wouldn't get another Cabas because of that. Popincourt has a little more style too.
  14. It does hold a lot! Wow! ^^ Lots of pink stuff!
  15. bonjour tout le monde ! I thank you very much for pictures, it's very helpfull to see bags "in situation".


    PS : your french is perfect !