Popincourt Haut & Batignolles Vertical

  1. Hi girls, i' d like to know if these bag are very similar in size..i prefer the Popincourt b/c has zipper closure and seems little bit small than BV..
    does anyone have one of them or both? thx!!!

  2. Popincourt Haut alllllllllllll the way.
  3. The Popincourt Haut is smaller. I had one, but recently sold it.
    I have the BH and I believe that it's more comparable in size to the BV.
    You'd be able to fit a magazine in the BV.
  4. BV is 9" L x 15.3" H x 5.4" W
    PH is 10.6" L x 9" H
  5. I have to say Popincourt.
  6. I prefer the Popincourt Haut better. Eventhough it is smaller, but the opening seems more roomier and easier to reach in to get stuff. I just love it. Now, I'm thinking if they only have it in Damier, I'll be in heaven:yes:
  7. When I saw both of these in person, I immediately went with the Popincourt Haut -- MUCH roomier and so easy to get into it.
  8. I have the BV and it is much bigger than the PH. The PH is small and elegant whereas the BV is larger and more casual. I played with both bags in the LV store......then weeks later went back and added the Cabas Mezzo to my collection because I wanted really big!!
  9. The PH as everyone else said is really not at all the same size. Standing next to each other the BV dwarfs the PH. The BV is too deep IMO and you might enjoy the PH more, although it is a relatively smaller medium bag.
  10. this was my dilemma for my first LV "big bag". i went w/the Vertical. it just suited me better. i love it! :love:
  11. I just carried my Vertical today. It is awesome! Easy to carry and holds a lot.
  12. I would go with the BV
  13. I love the BV! Not as practical as the BH, but I like the shape a lot more. For some reason the PH doesn't do anything for me.
  14. PH!!! I like the extra security of having a zipper and the balls are so cute
  15. Popincourt. I like the zipper on top.