Popincourt Hault advice

  1. I am thinking about a new LV bag. I currently use my speedy 25 and 30. I relly love them. But I was thinking that the popincourt hault would be a great everyday bag. Does anyone have one? Could you tell me your thoughts on this bag? Thank:P
  2. Oh heck yes. I highly recommend it!!! It looks smaller IRL.
  3. I have it and love it. It's a very cute bag and practical too.
  4. i was at LV and i tried it on. it's an awesome bag! it's structured but it's much softer than i thought. it's not as stiff as it seems online.
  5. i have the Popincourt Haut and it's a really great bag. it's not too big, but can carry A LOT :yes:
  6. i have one too...it's structured, but it's a comfortable fit under the arm. I try to only pack the essentials, as I can get carried away with what i think i need to carry with me. But the gold balls are the cutest, I've only seen 4 or 5 people here with one. i recommend it though...it's not that big, but it'll hold what you need...

    here's what i carry makeup bag, planner, wallet, phone, (put in inner pockets) and i can fit my umbrella or a water bottle as well.
  7. I have it and LOVE it. I'm not a fan of huge bags or tiny ones and this is the PERFECT size! I can fit all my usuals Wallet, keys, address book, agenda, makeup bag, Ipod, sunglasses plus I can use it as a diaper bag (about 3 diapers+wipes+ bottle) when I'm going out on quick errands.
  8. Good lil tote! very cute!
  9. That bag would be adorable in Damier.
  10. This is my absolute favourite out of all the Vuitton bags ! It's the perfect size for all the necessities and it's a shoulder bag which leaves both hands free for shopping (e.g. pushing other people out of the way for the deals ! :graucho:). You'll love it !
  11. Its a great bag- I love mine...
  12. Practical & roomy! I just got this bag a little over a week ago and love it! Just wondering why the heck I waited til after the price increase to get it. :Push:
  13. I have it, too. Still love it just as much as I did at first. I see more of them lately than I used to. In fact, I saw 2 within a couple of minutes this weekend. Seeing it on someone else reminded me how much I love mine. I've been carrying my large bucket lately, but I adore my PH. Go for it!
  14. I was thinking the same thing today. :love:
  15. I have the PH and I adore it.

    I can fit my wapity, pochette, wallet, keys, and if I wiggle things around I can fit my portable DVD player and my MP3 player.