Popcorn & Sour patch !!

  1. What do you like to munch on when your watching a movie ?

    I love to munch on popcorn and peanut m&ms. :heart:
  2. Thats the best popcorn and goober( choc. covered peanuts )
  3. i lover goobers:yes:
  4. milk duds!
  5. nachos! I :heart: them! =D
  6. popcorn and goobers and when i am in the theaters a coke icee
  7. Old fashioned popcorn made on the stove with Snow Caps!!! :amuse:
  8. My favorite is: Bag of popcorn with junior mints DUMPED in the bag and mixed up...but I rarely do this.

    I usually drink a diet coke an a small pack of nuts.....
  9. I like popcorn every once in a while but my preferred movie snack would be some kind of M&M's preferalbly almond. Something gummy would be my second choice.
  10. Big bag of popcorn and big cup of soda :shame:
  11. I love the movie theatre nacho's.The cheese is so good at the theatre that I go to, so I always pick nacho's and chips!:smile:
  12. Goldfish! (You know,the cheese cracker that is shaped like a fish) and if they don't have that, I'll go for popcorn.:smile:
  13. Popcorn and Red Vines...Yummy!!!
  14. Mr. Pibb + Red Vines = Crazy Delicious!

    Sorry! Couldn't resist.

    Love the Nachos with jalepenos! And a coke!
  15. Pringles. The original flavour (red tube).