Pop-ups - Please Help Me :-(

  1. Hi everyone, Im having really bad problems with my PC at the moment. I use windows internet explorer and about a week ago we kept getting pop ups (we have a pop up blocker and virus protection installed) the pop up ads were normal type, advertising holidays, stores, ringtones etc.

    Yesturday I logged into my myspace in college and someone had put a softcore (more glamour modellish) video on my myspace page, I deleted it straight away and thought maybe someone had hacked it (not someone I know, just one of these online things)

    well today on my PC at home the pop ups have become dirty and pornographic. They used to be normal pop ups but are now escalating into dirty pop ups. So I used various pop up blockers and anti virus programmes. But none worked.

    I decided to delete internet explorer and download firefox which includes a pop-up blocker and I also downloaded google's virus protection programme that was great and told me I had 94 viruses, so I deleted all.

    After about 15 minutes of using the PC perfectly fine, pop-ups have started to come back, Normal ones advertising holidays etc.
    Apparently this is because of cookies but If I disable cookies, I cant log into eBay :sad:

    What should I do ??, Im really sad
  2. This happened to my dad a few years back. I have Norton Internet Security installed and they find ALL the viruses for you and there's also a function where you can see where they are located. Usually, the viruses bury themselves somewhere [I had one in a DOCUMENT! :wtf:] and Norton tells you where it is. Then you simply delete the virus or whatever is containing the virus, and the problems should go away. It worked for me. I wasn't getting popups but my computer would just simply NOT run and my parents' emails were getting hacked into. Pretty bad.

    I definitely recommend the software though, it's great. The only complaint I have is that if you have a lot of files on your computer, it takes a while to start up since it runs a full system scan whenever you turn on your computer.

    Good luck!
  3. Hmm this has never happened to me. I use Mozilla and McAfee and I never get pop ups. Though I have no adivce, hope this problem gets solved for you soon! Good luck.
  4. Thanks everyone :flowers::flowers: Im getting Norton 360 really soon, I cant wait for this nightmare to be over. I will let you know how it goes :smile:
  5. Good luck!
  6. Norton 360 does not support Firefox if you plan on staying with it.
  7. Definitely start with Ad-Aware. I also use FireFox whenever possible because it seems to do better with that kind of stuff. A lot of providers will also offer free anti-virus stuff that you may want to start with first (i.e. i can get free McAfee stuff with Comcast and AOL). It may not resolve the issue, but worth trying the free stuff before spending money just in case. Good luck!