Pop Haut owners...I need help please

  1. Ok so I purchased my Pop Haut 3 weeks ago from a LV boutique but I was just browsing ebay and came across 2 different Pop Haut's that have the D-ring inside (to attach a cles or keychain) and I realized mine does not have one....WT:cursing: ?? I always felt like something was "missing" ...is it supposed to have a D-ring inside (on the opposite side of the pockets)? Mind you the ones I saw listed on ebay are made in France, and mine is made in USA.

    I would appreciate hearing from other Pop Haut owners on this... and wonder if I need to call up the LV boutique :s

    Example pic with D-ring from ebay seller let-trade :
    Photo # 18
  2. Mine doesn't have a d ring either. Mine is made in usa and my husband bought it for me in March. I dunno.:shrugs: Maybe the e-bay one is a fake?
  3. mine doesn't have a D-ring either, and it was made in France, which is of absolutely no relevance. all the bags are made exactly the same way regardless of location. if you go to eLuxury and vuitton.com and search for this bag, the description doesn't mention a D-ring either.

    the eBay bags are probably fake
  4. Damn but that really has me concerned since I was looking at a pic from a reputable seller (let-trade)
  5. let-trade :wtf:?

    that's so weird. mine doesn't have a D-ring, and i bought it from eLuxury :weird:. you can see it here:


    there usually has to be some sort of flap for the D-ring to hang from, but the Popincourt Haut doesn't have one.

    eLUXURY - Louis Vuitton - LV Mono Popncrt Haut
  6. That IS weird. Mine came from lv boutique in las vegas at Caeser's Palace.
  7. I'm not an expert but I remember reading somewhere that previous to a certain date... I'm not sure the exact date but im guessing november of 2005? 2004? the PH came with a D-ring but that the more recent ones do not.
  8. Blueeyez, what is the date code in your bag?
  9. It's probably just a design change. Similarly, for a while the epi petit noe had an inside zippered pocket, but the new ones do not.
  10. I think when this bag first came out it had a d ring in it. This topic was discussed way back when.
  11. what is the date code in yours? where was it made ?
  12. Mine is made in USA. Date code is SD1025, so December 2005.
  13. FL1025
  14. The one on LT is FL0025, so maybe they stopped adding them sometime during 2005??? :confused1:
  15. Mine has a d-ring...it was made in the USA and was purchased at the LV in horton plaza when they first came out...early 2005 I believe, I don't have bag with me right now so I can't check the date code at the moment