Pop Haut owners - do you leave the handles on?

  1. This may be a really silly question, but this is my first mono bag with the vachetta, and its brand new, and I want to keep it pretty!

    Since the handles of the popincourt haut are attached with buckles, when I'm not using it, should I take the handles off? Is there a danger of them getting hurt staying in the buckles all the time? Or will I hurt them more by bending them all the time to take them in and out?

    I may be insane...this is true. But I LOVE :love: my new bag and I want to take very very good care of it! Thanks for any advice!
  2. all the bags that have handles that unbuckle or detach I store seperate. I had this one bag that the buckle tarnished and ruined the vachetta .
  3. I usually loosen it at night wiping down the vachetta because the buckle leaves black marks and I also clean the buckles too.
  4. Oh, gosh, I don't do anything. I leave them buckled all the time. I haven't noticed any marks on the vachetta. I've had my pop haut about 10 months. I never even thought to undo the handles when I'm not using it. Maybe I should?:shrugs:
  5. Yikes I've never done anything with the side buckles on my BV either!