Pop h or cage h earrings?

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  1. I'm thinking to get one pair. Which design better (not choosing color)? ImageUploadedByPurseForum1462676475.948592.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1462676495.714971.jpg
  2. They both look good on you. I choose the Pop H. They're pretty unique looking.
  3. I'm on Team Cage H (maybe because I'm loving the white + gold combo) - I also like that it's a smaller-looking, 'neater' shape!
  4. Pop more chic

  5. The white is with rose gold hardware.
  6. White + rose gold would still be nice!

    Regardless of colour, I personally prefer Cage H - its compact, straight lines appeal to me > the curves of Pop H.

    [But either would be lovely! Happy decision making!]
  7. Pop. More discreet and elegant.
  8. Pop. It is more understated, but still playful.
  9. I think the cage H shape looks best on you, from the pic :smile:
  10. I vote for pop
  11. I prefer the pop as I think it is more unique and fun. While the straight lines of the cage look very elegant, it does seem like you're just wearing an initial earring as opposed to an H 'design' if that makes sense. However, both look great on you!
  12. Prefer the pop H
  13. I vote for pop. More chic and unique :smile:
  14. Top one. The design is better.