Pop denim.com

  1. http://popdenim.com has really great prices. I was wondering if anyone has dealt with them. And if they were legit. I know this is probably not this right place to post this. So please forgive me.
  2. Sorry, the jeans are all fake. :sad:
  3. Thank You!
  4. They don't look that fake to me. Usually the websites with fake jeans are much cheaper than this one.
  5. I wouldn't buy from this website, even though those are some pretty good fakes.

    For one thing, there's no physical address posted anywhere. Even huge chains like GAP or Old Navy post physical addresses of where you can reach them. Stores that post po box addresses, or no address at all, usually keep this information undisclosed for good reason.

    And two, a website that states this in its terms & conditions usually sells fake: "In many instances, these goods were not obtained directly from the designers but rather have been purchased from reputable resellers at a discount." Many times these "reputable resellers" don't know that they are peddling fakes, or know they are good enough to fool most people. I would never buy anything from a store that isn't an authorized dealer of a particular brand.
  6. lithiumpearl that is some good information...thanks