Poor Tara

She should have had it glued to her side. When travelling I realize I look like an easy target so I make sure to keep impt things right at my side. Plus, I wouldn't feel too bad for her. Looked like she got a ton of freebie goodies (Cavalli especially)...
Seriously......for some reason it seems like a typical Tara moment. Sad but at the same time...she's got more than enough money to replace what was stolen unlike a lot of us if the same had happened. And exactly....they get so much freebies....what makes them not have to pay for stuff that we do. Just because they're celebrities. I read that there are only 2 celebrities in Hollywood that don't receive Swags....free gifts from designers and stores....that's Julia Roberts and Nicole Kidman...I think that's admirable!!!! What do you think?
So true it's a bummer to have something taken from you especially while traveling but Tara can surely replaced with no effort. Pretty cool about Julia and Nicole...somehow I kind of expected that of them; they don't seem to be attention seekers. Me on the other hand I'd take all of the freebies...hee hee
What a shame! I know I would be devastated if any one of my handbags got stolen, much less with $180,000 worth of nice stuff lugged around in it :weird: , I am not too fond of Tara Reid bc she is sooo tacky and trashy (Wild on Tara makes her look like she is high 24/7 and makes Jessica Simpson look like a born genius). I feel bad for the Balenciagga bag more than I feel for her.

As for Julia & Nicole, I find that very admirable that they don't accept free loot-I know if I could, being as materialistic as I am, I would scoop as much up as possible!!!