Poor stitching

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  1. I've only been using this Saint Laurent card holder for a week and notice the stitching has already come loose. I ordered this from bergdorfs and probably only have the option of exchanging. I hate having to send it back and wait forever to get a replacement. I tried tying it off but I don't think it will hold long. This is annoying... Do I have any other options through Saint Laurent???

  2. Hmm... Maybe they could repair it? I'm not sure what you mean by other options. I would say exchanging is as good as it is going to get.
  3. Oh no this is terrible
    Try refunding or exchange
  4. You should be able to call or go to Saint Laurent directly. Just because it was purchased at Bergdofs doesn't void the warranty it should have. I would reach out to both and see what they think.
  5. IMG_1481244134.953734.jpg

    Can someone else who has this card holder tell me if this is normal. Had it for about a month with one card in the middle slot. It almost looks like it is splitting. Would love to know if others look like this. Thank you.

  6. That looks like bad quality. I would try and see if you can't take it back and exchange it or get a refund. When you're paying this amount for a card holder, it shouldn't start pulling apart this soon. It seems like when YSL became SLP their quality dipped :sad:
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  7. I have this since September I think and mine doesn't look like that.
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  8. I had mine since Oct and mine hasn't split. I would take back or call their customer care.
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  9. Can you take a picture of yours inside? Thank you!
  10. Can you take a photo if the inside if yours so I can see how it should look? Thanks!
  11. Here are photos.


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