Poor Speedy learned the truth today

  1. I went to the university today to enroll for my 1st semester... had to wait in a large room w/ a few counters w/ around 20 other people. I looked around a bit and spotted a girl w/ a horrible faked Denim Speedy - and I had my Denim Speedy w/ me. A bit later I realized she was staring at my bag, I stared back and she immediately looked away :roflmfao: I didn't paid to much attention to the whole thing until the girl next to her said: "Look, she [me] has the same bag!" WTF??? :cursing::wtf::confused1: Seriously, even if you know nothing about LV, you should have spotted that those two bags definitely weren't the same. And I'm not even talking about the difference of fake and real, her's looked completely different!
  2. You would think that the people who carry the fakes would know what the real one looks like. But sometimes we just have to be courtous and smile. I'm sure you'll run into this alot. Good Luck!
  3. Nooo.. cover speedy's eyes, it shouldn't be in the presence of fakes !
  4. Her friend obviously don't know how to tell a fake from a real one (and have a bad eyesight cuase you said it didn't look the same at all, LOL).
  5. :Push: Not even in the same ballpark with that one! Ouch- poor Speedy.