Poor Shiloh

  1. I hope Pitt has saved enough money to pay for the huge therapy bills she'll be sure to rack up. What is Angelina thinking???:sad:
  2. haha I get what she means by this, but really, not the best thing to say.
  3. Wow, whatta mom eh?
  4. :wtf: She needs to think before she says anything.
  5. Why do we think that these goofy celebrities might just actually say something profound????
  6. I understand what she meant to a certain extent, but people really need to learn to keep their mouths shut! No matter how you say something like that, and no matter how natural your feelings are (studies indicate that many women take weeks or longer to bond with a newborn), there is no way to say it so it sounds good.
  7. oh yes, angelina. you definitely chose your words wisely to make a moving statement about your children.

    A serious comment to someone about being a blob should be taken as a mean insult. sheesh, some things are not meant to be publicized
  8. I think thats a horrible statement. A child regardless of how old has needs and needs the mother to take care of them regardless of where they came from. Angelina made a conscious decision to bring her into this world and she should treat her equally. The other children may have not come from luxury but they are surely in it now and all the children require attention. And about the personality , well that just sounds so silly what she is saying obviously the older the child gets the more the personality but thats regardless of weather the child is adopted or not.
  9. haha.. WHAT?!?!?!?! :wtf: :push:
  10. This thread is very aptly named..."Poor Shiloh".
  11. I think it's pretty immature to say something like that, not only immature, but plain stupid! Angelina never seemed smart to me anyway. Time passed and she's not getting any wiser, obviously.
  12. Cringe-worthy indeed. She means well, but honestly "what are you thinking, girl?"
  13. :wtf: :wtf:
    thats horrible...a BLOB?? that artical is gonna come back to haunt her when the kid is a raging teen!....
  14. Nice.
  15. :sweatdrop: