Poor Sabrina :(

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  1. So I work at a Subway and I was greeting people as I always do, this woman walks in with a black op art Sabrina. I was going to complement her on her bag until she walks up to the counter and I see the signature lining poking out! Looking a little more closely, there is one handtag in an off font and an off logo. I just couldn't believe how real it looked until I was standing right in front of it. I could not stop staring! I mean sometimes people pull out their fake wallet at the register and I snicker a little bit inside!
    I know this has be discussed before, but I have not first hand seen a fake bag look so real. What is this world coming too!
  2. Yuck!
  3. OMG tonight me and DH were at Wal-Mart...as we were walking out this cute girl walks in with a "tattersal sabrina"...I stared the poor girl down..she REALLY thought she was Rockin that purse! I told my husband I wished I would have had my phone out so I could have recorded it. When I say she thought she was rockin it...i'm being dead serious she thought that bag was the shi* LMAO I was shaking my head thinking "NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS"
  4. I went out to meet my regular online seller to pick up my new Coach cuties last night. In order to get to our meeting place I had to take the subway. When the train stopped at one of the stations, 3 gals hop on and one of them was carrying a non-existent E/W Op Art tote. That gal stood right in front of me and her bag was unzipped and I can even see those yucky siggy lining. I thought it was kind of ironic considering I was going to pick up my authentic stuffs and bumped into somebody who's carrying a Foach :roflmfao:
  5. ^^^let me guess those girls thought they were "baaad!" rockin those bags! :lol:
  6. Eva--I totally know what you mean, especially from a distance, some of those fakes can look SOO real. Around Christmastime, I saw a girl with a black sig. Madeline (I was carrying mine too) and I gave her this friendly little hey-we're-carrying-the-same-Coach-bag smile... then I realized it was fake!! The shape was just a little off--like the handles were a little too long--I was mortified that I had even thought it was real. Oh and fake wallets... I feel like every time I go to the grocery store the person checking out in front of me has a fake wallet! they are everywhere!! :tdown:
  7. I was in ihop with hubby eating breakfast sunday morning and saw at least three fakes in the restaurant. Sometimes I wonder who these women think they are fooling........
  8. ^^ I know... I'd be sooo humiliated carrying a fake, and like Nina said, some people actually act like the are carrying a real bag--like their fake is the hottest thing. I'm not sure how they could feel like that unless they truly have NO knowledge of Coach and think what they have looks real.
  9. this kills me...I mean why carry a fake of something that has never even existed? It's easier to see how some people want a faux sabrina...a faux madeline or something that you have seen before...but bags that have never even been made...I mean WOW!

    this made me laugh! :lol:
  10. does coach not do signature lining anymore? i bought a bag years ago at the boutique and it has signature lining.

    :confused1: guess i don't know much about fakes.
  11. Some Coach bags have the c lining. If you know your styles, you'll recognize which ones are off. For example, the luci has a legacy stripe lining so if you see one with c's you know its a fake.
  12. The gal who carried the Foach sure did :roflmfao: I wish I could have taken pictures of her Foach to show you gals the Foachness of her Foach!

    That's so darn true alright! Don't these people realize carrying a non-existent Coach design makes it even easier for others to tell that it's a Foach? :faint:

    If I'm not mistaken (and please correct me if I'm wrong), signature items do not ever have signature linings.
  13. When DH and I are out and about, if he sees someone carrying a Coach bag, he will always whisper to me "Is it real". My 9 yr old Son does that too,but much more loudly. I know just by seeing the outside of most bags if they are real. Im sick. I tell you. Im sick. If i tell DH its fake, then he wants to know how i know that. I just repeat the above sentence to him usually. LOL
  14. Ick! Fakes are tacky.

    Hunnyplaya is correct - siggy items have solid linings.
  15. These girls really believe that no one will know that they are carrying a fake. Most people are not as knowledgable as we are on styles, etc and would never realize that these Foach bags aren't real.