Poor quality - coating layer peeling

  1. I purchased this Ferragamo bag from Bloomingdales about 2 years ago for my mom. She has never used it and stores it with all other bags she has. Today we found out the gold coated layer is peeling off like crazy. We can't even touch the bag. Wherever we touches, the gold layer just flakes off. Gold power is all over our hands. It is a lot worse to see it in person than in the pictures.

    Any suggestion on what I can do? I doubt I can't take it back to store. If it's $100 bag, I will be ok. But this is a $1000 brand handbag. What happens is not acceptable.
    IMG_4873.JPG IMG_4869.JPG IMG_4870.JPG IMG_4872.JPG
  2. You can take this back to Bloomingdales to show them and see if they can offer store credit or to send the bag back to Ferragamo for repair. I know it's over a year old but maybe their customer service is good enough to get something done about it. You can also take it to a leather specialist and see if they can re-color the spot. It's hard to match the colour there, but you can always have the whole bag redyed to a different colour (i.e. black) there.
  3. I'd contact Ferragamo customer service about this bag. This is really unacceptable & since the bag is over 2 years
    old, Bloomies may not step up to the plate & do much even though the original store tags are on the bag
    The SA can look up your account & see when that bag was purchased
  4. Since you still have the Bloomingdale's return sticker, you may be able to return. I've done that with a watch before that was over a year old.
  5. Wow the condition is unacceptable. I wonder what it would look like after one year of use? I shudder at the thought.