Poor quality and a huge thank you to the Saks ladies

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  1. Hi there, I recently did a reveal if my new small wallet on chain. I barely used it and noticed that two of the corners had peeling!!!!! Is this common for this type of caviar leather? My Chanel bags never did this and I used the crap out of them. Anyways I took it back to Saks on 5th ave and the manager came and looked at it and agreed it shouldn't be like that. I bought it 6 weeks ago which is past the return period and hey gave me store credit until one comes back in stock. I was so thankful for that!!! They did not have to do that for me so I really appreciate it. My SA was Ashley and I can't remember the manager's name. Now I just gotta wait a month or so until one comes back in stock ugh. One other thing is that several of them ladies there said they have the same bag and never had any issues at all with it so maybe I just got a defective one. I hope they're not all like that. Has anyone else had this issue? I didn't take pics before I returned it now I wish I had. It looks like one of the bumps peeled off.
  2. Actually, I think they did need to do that for you. The bag is expensive and should not peel.. it is clearly flawed. I'm happy they stepped up and did the right thing.

  3. Thank you! They didn't have one in stock and told me they weren't expecting to get one until May, but today, 8 days later I got the call they had one come in! I'm very happy with the customer service Ashley and Jenna at Saks NYC provided me