Poor, poor Kooba

  1. Not sure if this is authentic or not but I thought it looked like it might be, also.
  2. It looks authentic, just disgustingly grungy.
  3. I know, *sob*
  4. It has suffered a lot :wtf:
  5. Yes, she has probably never known what real love is.
  6. On the contrary, it looks very well loved, perhaps too much.
  7. Maybe, but I love my bags too much to let them get that far, especially a white bag! That is a lot of damage.
  8. You know....that almost looks like self tanner....just the way its kind of a tanish-red...

    Poor Kooba. *cradles in her arms*
  9. Oh, that's pitiful :crybaby:

    Wonder what in the world happened to it?

    Hopefully she'll go to a good home and someone will try to fix her up.
  10. I think that Kooba should be burnt like our Flag...then buried and laid to rest.
  11. No...wait. It says the interior is clean. Turn her inside out and use that sucker. *s
  12. haha aww that poor kooba :sad: i feel so sad for it,,, i am not sure if i could ever buy a bag in that shape what can you do for it? is there a way to die leather? maybe whoever buys it can dye it black or dark brown?
  13. I wonder. Maybe you could dye it black. It does look authentic. I wonder if LovinMyBags could fix it. It would be major and costly. Self tanner is a good guess. I thought coffee but I don't know if coffee could do that.
    You know they shouldn't have plaved that bag up against that plant. The leaves obscure part of the handle and for the first few minutes I thought it was chewed up by a dog. When it said no rips or tears I backed up to look at it.
  14. i thought i wasn't very nice to my ivory kooba last summer but it looks perfect compared to that one. poor baby! i hope it finds a nice home and gets cleaned. lovinmybags is a good idea!!