Poor pink reporter bag...

  1. My sis came over last night with her beautiful large pink reporter bag that I MADE her buy last year when they first went on sale for 30% off. She said her bag needed to be cleaned so I told her I would do it with my Wilson leather cleaner/conditioner that I use on my pink cambon tote. I was shocked at the condition of her bag....:crybaby: The corners of the purse on the bottom literally looked like the leather was worn down. I mean it was a grey color, no pink left. Also had the same problems with some of the corners of the pockets. She felt the feet on the bottom were not big enough to protect the bag. I felt like saying if you "throw" the bag on the floor and in your SUV back seat all the time it will get messed up. I did clean the bag pretty well and got off any dirt but to me the corners were horrible. I thought maybe she could get some pink shoe polish and dab the corners, at least they will look pink.
    It just was such a sad sight to see this beautiful bag in the condition it was in, my sister does not seem to be bothered by her throwing around her bags.
    Any thoughts where they might sell pink shoe polish?
  2. would your sis be willing to send off the bag for a few weeks?

    Barbara of lovinmybags.com does an EXCELLENT job in retouching/cleaning bags, you should check out her service
  3. Hey Jen..
    Good link - thanks!
  4. ^ no problem Lisa!

    I just want to say that I am in NO WAY affiliated with the site and/or the owner. I had brought a bag to LMB for repair/touchup and they did a SUPERB job!
  5. I want to see what it looked like.
    Poor bag..
  6. The LovinMyBags is a great site, I will tell my sister about it today.
  7. Also, Chanel will refurbish. If it was purchased within a year, they will do it for free on regular priced items. Not sure on sale items but worth a try! she will need to show her rcpt for the free within one year deal.
  8. Oh well, at least your sister is really using her bag and getting her moneys worth, gillianna! :smile:
  9. I definitely agree with Jayne1 that your sister is getting her money worth. :smile: I have heard that the Cambon is made of very durable calfskin....& doesn't show wear that easily! Post pictures if you can so we can see what it looks like :smile:
  10. That site was very interesting-looks like you care more about your sis's bag then your sis
  11. gillianna, you must be my twin! :p I get so upset too, when my baby sister messes up her bags. She has this beige pochette by Marc Jacobs that I got her, that I absolutely love, and it's now NO LONGER beige!!! She carries it everywhere, and puts it anywhere, including some floors!!!! I told her not to let me see it anymore since it upsets me so much. LOL. My family told me I need to get another hobby. LOL.

    If your sister is anything like mine, you can get her pink reporter cleaned, but she'll get it dirty again in no time. LOL.
  12. I have a pink cambon long wallet - same thing happened, color came off on corners of wallet and where it bends in half. Took it too chanel boutique - they were going to charge me $150 to have to refurbished - said no thanks. $150 for a wallet that cost around $500 seemed extreme and other than the edges the wallet is in decent shape!