Poor Perle Houston/Zippy!

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  1. *gasp*
  2. Oh my!!!!
  3. She should be shot.......Did this lady ever hear of a pencil case?
  4. :wtf: that is the most messed up bag I think I have ever seen.
  5. Oh my. :wtf:

    That's it... I'm calling LVPS!!!! [Louis Vuitton Protective Services :p]
  6. Lol John.
  7. Wow, looks like a bomb went off in there....
  8. OMG I could never let any of my get in such horrible condition.
  9. omg. didn't she notice one pen mark? This didn't happen once, obviously.
  10. ^^I know, seriously! You'd think you'd be more careful after the first mark. :push:
  11. wow..so terrible =/
  12. oh my goodness... i cant believe somebody actually does this to a LV...
  13. OMG! Those pen marks are horrendous! :wtf:
  14. omg! a pen runs loose! what on earth was she thinking??