Poor Paddy

  1. So I was on the waiting list at NAP when the paddy first came out. Didn't think I would even get her on the waiting list but got a phone call from NAP one morning saying one was on its way to me. I have to admit I've only used her about 4-5 times which is a sin cos she is gorgeous. But I took her out recently and noticed that the leather has gone really funny. I have never got her wet and the bag has always been stored in its dustbag in my wardrobe. Took her to Chloe and they looked almost relieved when I said it was from NAP rather than bought direct from them. Then they said it must have been humid in my cloet (it most certainly is not, my other bags are fine!) Has anyone else has this happen to their paddy and if so what have you done about it? :confused1:
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  2. That really doesn't look right. I don't know what to tell you thought except that I'm sorry that happened to your pretty girl?
  3. Oh dear! :sad:

    Does it feel dry at all?
  4. I have never seen anything like that and have owned more of these bags then I would like to admit!:yes: I can't imagine that humidity would cause that - but who knows? That seems like a very odd reaction to humidity. . .
  5. That is strange! It looks like it was wet, then dried with something spikey inside (which, obviously, i hasn't!).

    is the leather actually bubbling away from the lining? To my knowledge, all the paddy leather itself is just the one piece, so technically, there is nothing for a top layer to come away from.

    Nope, never seen anything like this - have you contacted NAP?
  6. Well, I live in humidity capitol USA, (Florida), and I haven't had that happen to one of my bags. Things will mildew if not in A/C, but that looks a bit strange. So sorry that happened to your bag. It almost looks like some kind of hide tanning problem.
  7. Thanks for all your replies,

    I totally agree that its not due to humidity and its certainly not humid here in London. Quite frankly the chloe boutique were totally unhelpful. I will contact NAP tomorrow and see what they have to say. I wonder if they've had other problems with the initial batch of paddies they ordered.
    thanks again and I will let you know how I get on
  8. Any news?
  9. Hi, thanks for asking.
    Yes I rang NAP on and they said that the bag had a 6 month warranty and past that they can't do anything about it. It left me quite angry. These bags are so expensive and I can understand if I had treated it roughly but most of the time its been stored in its dustbag as they recommend. It hasn't even been taken out in the rain.
    NAP told me I could try contacting Chloe but as I told you before, the SA at Chloe said I had to take it up with NAP and was totally unhelpful. And to think of the amount of money I've spent in there recently!!!!:cursing:
  10. Hi drnp21,

    I am so sorry about your bag! What does the leather feel like? Still soft or kind of dry and stiff? It's a shame the Chloé shop and NAP are not being helpful! These bags are pretty expensive, they should provide much better customer service, and especially in this case, this is strange and must be a quality issue! I do think that the people at the Chloé shop or NAP should send it back to Chloé to have it examined! At leats you want to know what happened!![​IMG]
  11. Maybe just take it to chloe and say you got it there? I mean, its a CHLOE bag so its their problem.

    That is beyond crappy, these bags are bloody expensive and shouldnt ever have such issues, the fact that she hasnt even been that used it disgraceful!

  12. 6 months?!!! :wtf: :wtf: :wtf: :tdown:

    Well, that's the last time I buy a bag from NAP, for anywhere near full price, seriously.

    From now on, I'll just use NAP as a catalogue and call Chloe, or a department store, to order.

    What absolute tosh!!! By law, an item has to be fit for purpose and last a reasonable amount of time, with reasonable use.

    This bag has clearly been barely used, so it is faulty and not fit for purpose.

    I appreciate that it's been 2 and three quarter years, now, but the very least they could do is offer to send it to Italy for you, to see if it can be reconditioned, or something.

    Harvey Nichols guarantee for 1 year and give you a refund if they can't mend it/have it mended for you (free of charge) within that year and after that year, they still offer to send it off to Italy for you, for a small fee.

    6 months is ridiculous! :tdown:

    BAD NAP!!! :cursing:

    I know, Chloe won't do anything (even for a charge) if you didn't buy it directly from them.

    It's really not good enough, IMO. :nogood:

  13. Yes, I think so, too. :yes:

    Take it to/call another branch and say you no longer have the receipt.

    Normally, I advocate total honesty, but in the circumstances, I think this would be a case of fighting fire with fire.

    NAP and Chloe need to take some responsibility. NAP is an authorised retailer and so, should act like one, by following EU consumer law (at the very least) and Chloe had these bags made and had their name stamped all over them, so they should be prepared to stand by them. :yes:

  14. I so agree with you. It clearly is a fault with the product and I can't believe how none of them (NAP and chloe) will take any responsibility for it. The manager of chloe was defensive and started blaming me for it(saying that I had stored it badly) and was so relieved when I told her it was from NAP. Maybe I'll take it to HN, thanks very much for the tip. I had a Luella bag repaired at HN a while ago and though it took ages, it was free and they were very helpful. It breaks my heart that I spent over £700 on it and I get rubbish customer service!!
    Will post after I've taken itto HN and let you know what they say,
    Thanks again:tup:
  15. :sad: i am so sad to hear that.. we are await good upcomming news.. i hope they make it right for you.. :smile: